Energy is all around of us and can be converted.


With Thermopile (not as usual thermocouple) We introduce a new concept that, based on our knowledge, is totally new.

We bias a P/N or PIN junction with an electric field created by two dissimilar metals of different electronegativity.

Foremost we make a junction capable of adsorbing FIR (far infrared) and ambient heat, by using low bandgap semiconductors.


These low bandgap semiconductors are tuned with introduction of graphene or made by graphene itself tuned with basic semiconductors.

High themperature version are also available, to harvest waste heat from human activities and convert directly it in to electric energy with a low cost and “harmful-less”  systems.


These nanopowders are synthetized as inks, than can be paint on many surfaces (depending on binder).

Alternatively can be deposited by electrophoresis, electrodeposition, Sol-Gel, CVD, SILAR  end many others.


This technology allow to “paint” thermovoltaic systems on any kind of surfaces: roof, wall, windows, mufflers, solar concentrator, and so on.


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