Metal-Air batteries can be some steps beyond other batteries since ambient air is used as cathode/depolarizer.This mean a lighter battery with more energy density.
But these batteries suffer some drawbacks: low power density end rechargeability.
Using our EDLC hybrid approach and ionic liquids, we are resolving these problems.
We developed some prototypes that include electrodes with supercapacitors-like behaviour i and ionic liquids allow to recharge them since discharge byproducts are soluble in these new electrolytes.
Also we are working on anolite versions, where anode material is a liquid that recirculate inside an anodic compartment and discharged anolite can be recharged outside these batteries. So batteries work like an engine.
Metal "fuels" can be of several elements and/or composites, for example: lithium, potassium sodium, barium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, iron, aluminium and metal diborides.
We can offer prototype cell and materials, for join us in these developments.

********  We also are looking for partners, to mass-manufacture these cell.  ********